I'm updating solely bc jacqui wants me to
& bc i love hewrrrr.

thats alll I got to say lol.
LP still sucks, therefore I indulge myself in THESIMS2.
Summer's been okay. Boring, for the mostpart.
Probably bc jacqui hasn't been in my life lately bc of fucking CVS.

This post is all about jacqui.
& the fact that I type 'because' like bc 
bc its too difficult to type out every 2 seconds. :] 

the essentials for college...

-domino's ..once in a while
-snackwell's devil's food cake
-Signature Water
-on-the-go crystal light [or generic brand for poorer people]
-Birch Grill
-Garden Toss
-Ritz and/or Saltines
-Low Fat PB / Jam
-PRINGLES..once in a while




-UMD merch
-adidas sandals complete with socks


Basically. . . I was bored.  So... please don't make fun of me!
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(no subject)

remember that time you embarrassed the fuck out of yourself at a party... and said something that mightve come across as bitchy to someone 6 years older than you?? even though you meant it as something nice?


talk about being an immature crybaby.
why do people go out with me/are friends with me? i am a sarcastic bitch.

alright. i have the perfect plan.


Instead of sucking at life, im going to make a little plan of what Ithink life should be right now:

-Being able to live at home, 24/7, with an apartment for me and peter
-having school being right down the street, but being able to live there whenever i wanted to without the additional cost of education or tuition. 
-having all my friends have this option
-being able to work at linden ponds
-josephine being non-existant
-having money to do whatever i want with it [ in moderation]

this would be the perfect life. why cant i live like that?


& I don't know why.

I mean, I'm home for the thanksgiving break..since Tuesday.  And now its a Saturday night, and instead of hanging out with people im sitting inside, not doing anything.  Just being depressed and stuff.  Can I BE any more emo? I felt the same last night.  It was so weird, I missed peter & my dad and hanging out with them so much that instead of hanging out with britni, jill, chris & sara b. downstairs i came upstairs just to randomly talk to my Dad for like 20 mins at least.  It's so weird. I don't know what it is.. all I know is that when Christmas break ends .. Im going to cry my eyes out & it'll be like going away to college all over again.

Srsly.. why does life suck sometimes? In highschool..you're all comfortable and then randomly they're like OH. YEP YOU'RE GOING TO COLLEGE, PEACEOUT.  & you're like... ripped from a comfy environment to one you don't know and people you might not know, away from home and parents and work [for some] and you're like... okay then?
& then they randomly give you 6 weeks for xmas break and then they expect you to go back to college no probs.
[and when i say 'they' i mean.. people who make you go to college or something..]

But whatevs. Ill get over it.  Moving on to how much work; no,no- JOSEPHINE- sucks right now.  I mean wow.  My manager is FUCKED UP.  I hate her. My first day back to linden ponds and she gives me the worst review in the history of reviews.  I was ready to put in my 2 weeks right then & there but i didnt because i had tables and I wanted to run to the bathroom so no one would see me cry.  That woman is heinous and horrible and basically if death on a stick inhabited a person, then she would be it.  I cannot wait until she gets thrown in jail or fired because she molests someone or murders someone.  She is pure evil.
So.. I might have to quit my job and Im not too excited about that because LP is a cult and ... you make amazing best friends there. so it sucks if i had to leave.  Thats why Im working on doing somehting on the side, possibly PJ's for 6 weeks for xmas break, or 99 with britni.  Idk yet.

All I know is that I want it to be xmas break so I can have a little bit of normality and routine for once this year.  
So it's about 19 days until the last day of classes.. and if I have my 3 finals during that week and not the week of the 17th, then I can leave friday the 14th and have an extra week of vaca until Jan 29th when I have to go back to school.

ps. i love peter & our 2 years is in 33 days exactly :)
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old memories

I love looking at journal entries from certain guys I was involved with, its so funny to see how much I changed, or how much I wasted my time with them
Aaaand I love looking at my own entries to see how emo i was. haha its wicked great.
College is amazing, per usual.  I hate exams but they're so much better than gay quizzes and tests every week.  Overall, college is by far better than highschool. 

Peter & I are better than ever, Im so glad we got back together, officially. I know its so lame, I love how everyone revolves around facebook and its like OMGYOUGUYSBROKEUP-HEARTW/ACRACKDOWNTHEMIDDLE?! Honestly facebook, get a life.
But yeah so Im trying not to go home because its a pain in the ass to lug all of my stuff back and forth, plus whenever I go home I get bored, then I miss home, then I miss BHS then I dont wanna go back.  And the second I get back to school Im like..no way Im never going home again!

this past weekend  was bombbb. No lie, it was pretty sick.!
Friday :drank w/carlyn, amalangian<333, dinan, theresa [they ddnt drink tho], ashley, russ, peter<333, and allisonrooooseee!
We legit drank from around 7-1130ish and had the longest, biggest dance party possible in a double room. haha it was so sweet
- After peter and ashley and russ left, we all went to the club: Babylon, in provi.  the club was pretty sweet, $5 for ladiess, $10 for guys. sarry.
& We left for the club @ 12, stayed until 2am and then drove back.  Also they didnt card so we got drinks at the bar haha first timer right here.
-& then we got back around 240'ish and the fucking fire alarm went off in Chestnut [my building] RIGHT as we were about to go in, mind you it was like 40 degrees outside && it was raining.
-We sat in my car for about.. 30 mins?, went back in @ 330 and then everyone went to sleep @ 4
-I had a mini hangover so I woke up @ 6, and didnt feel well, passed out again at 830 and slept until 1230/1 & everyone left

-I went over peter's around 3pm, stayed over until Mon @ 6'ish.  Yeah we basically live together on weekends, its fine :)

Yeah LJ's dead but whatevs.

faaahhhkkk calllllege!

So last night was pretty much the worst night ever. Don't drink in college its gay.

But I know things are going pretty well for me right now, especially something that I thought I lost but now I've gotten back together with again.
Well, not officially but whatevs.

I love you <33!

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 Clearly, livejournal died a wicked long time ago and now myspace is dying? facebook is gonna take over and pretty soon we'll have a new thing to write on. But Im still gonna post in this because SOME people actually read it and comment (:

College = LOVE. Its amazing, I love the school I love my roommate [whose name is jenna, btw] but I feel bad for like all my other friends who've been having trouble with college and stuff.

Britni - it will get better don't worry. if you want you can live in my room for all of time! because i love you and that's that!
Nicole [chear] : "say the word and her ass is grass" haha. You will get out of wheelcock soon enough & before you know it you'll be at UMASS Amherst and I'll be visiting you and then we can get together and bitch and whine about how much we hate LP. 

Ugh..speaking of LP: due to the lack of money im getting or not getting from them, Im basically hoping to get a work-study job here with britni so i can like.. you know, not be poor & stuff. 

Also!  miss every single one of the people @ LP. okay maybe not EVERYONE because some people COUGH josephine COUGH suck and they should go fall in a hole and go to hell, but i miss:

-kevin rosenburg
-saraaah macaahhthy
& all my fav residents. yeah if i forgot anyone im sorrry. actually..no one from LP reads this anyways so i dont really care. hah
K BYE.&hearts;
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i never knew you..

Sometimes certain people can make you feel so good about yourself and you love the fact that you're in love with them so much.  But at the same time sometimes certain people can make you want to cry all day,up in your room, feeling like shit about yourself and wondering why you love them.

Yeah fuck that.

ps. the rocket summer's new album - doesn't it always seem that bryce avery is like.. ALWAYS upbeat and happy in his songs? haha.  Like hes the happiest kid in the world. Why can't I have that?

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make money money make money money hey.

So.. summer's going well I guess.
Lots of working working working.. against my will of course. No one volutarily hands down wants to work at LP 24/7. It's basically a death sentence.  At least I'm making money though, as opposed to other people who just spend money on beer until their poor and can't pay for their books/tuition in college. Im excited for school but at the same time, I don't know.. I'm just extremely nervous for anything big.
Im gonna miss all of my close friends, Tory, Amanda, Nicole.. everyone from work :( minus the twats- that is.
Things lately have been hectic, confusing, dramatic.  
And.. clearly I dont want to deal with any of the above. But hey, thats life. I think I'm the only person in the entire universe that DIDN'T buy the new HP 7 book. Only because I didn't have any money.. thats sad.
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